Custom RC Build Projects

Custom candylab toys donut van

Custom Builds

Custom Radio controlled cars that I have built are used a fun marking tools.

They look good and are fully functional too.
Combining many disciplines that I have mastered from CNC machining to 3D printing these vehicles can be one-off or batch built.

Sauber Mercedes C11 by Tamiya.
I make additional detailing accessories to retrofit on this car.

Mercedes C11 Tamiya custom parts

The VW pickup for Big Green Egg Belgium.
5 models built and painted. Fully set up with all electronics as ready to run cars.


VW pickup custom built RC car
What about this one then?
A super sized Taco van. 
Commissioned by CandyLab Toys in the US. This is a fully functional RC van.
Body and detailing all done in-house over at the 3D printing part of the shed. 
Candylab taco van
Are you looking for a body for one of your own custom car projects?
We can help you, head over to our shop to see what we have! 
Don't see what you need? Drop us a line, we can probably help you out sourcing what you need. 

link to Rc bodies

Custom Porsche 934 project.

I decided to 'rally' this one. So lifter the chassis, developed and 3D printed my own wheels that can be adjusted for offset to suit the body.
Designed and printed a roof rack.
Painted in Mustard Yellow.

custom RC Porsche 911

custom RC Porsche 911

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