3D Printing Projects.

3D Printing / Adaptive Manufacturing.

This has played a role in my shed builds for a long while. Fascinated by the processes involved I have dived in with both filament and resin printing, perfecting and continuously developing my skills in the area. 

A few samples of printing projects.
More will be added soon.

3D printed bodies and roof  decoration for these commissioned RC vans
A fully functional RC van that's a lot of fun to drive! 
Candylab taco van
candylabs donut vab
Bottle model prints. Surface finished and painted for a customer.
Something I regularly do,  additive manufacturing being a fast and cost-effective way of validating design.
3D printed bottles
1/10 scale details set for an RC car. Printed in ABS-like resin. Designed and printed in-house, this method is idea for low volume production. 

An example of how i utilise 3D printing in my photography work.

2 halves of a bottle were printed and finished in white for a stop-motion animation I created for a client. 
3D printed beer bottle for special effects photography
An example of a printed and finished  set of files supplied by a client.

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