Mini inspiration.

Mini inspiration.

Obviously I build cars as well as sell them, so I thought, why not post a few as and when they are built as a little inspiration for people looking to build cars themselves.
RC Mini classic Matchbox Superfast 29
This model was built a few yeas ago now and I based it on one of my favourite Matchbox Superfast models. The 1970 Mini 29.

It's built on a Tamiya M05 chassis in 210mm and fitted with a Classic Mini body. 
Strangely enough, the Tamiya PS61 Metallic Orange seemed like a very close match.
RC Mini classic Matchbox Superfast 29
To add the extra detail, I drew up and 3D printed some wheels that look a bit like  the Superfast wheels and fitted the standard M05 tyres to them. 
I also added 3D printed number plates to match the real car plus an exhaust tip.
My vinyl plotter was used to make the graphics with a couple of the body set stickers adding other details.
RC Mini classic Matchbox Superfast 29
This was in fact my first polycarbonate body build in many many years. It also got me into the idea of making 3D printed detail parts for RC cars.

How would you paint your Classic Mini? 
Like the one you once had?
Mr Bean style?
Or another inspiration?

Either way, it's a great looking little runner on the M05.

Body shell used on the photo.

Maybe you would prefer a complete custom car built for you. Ready to run. 
Contact me and your dreams could come true.

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