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My Name is Rob and I'm a maker.
I've enjoyed making things since I was young, that developed to a higher education in model making for TV, advertising and architects. That  transformed itself into becoming a furniture maker when I moved to Belgium.

Life took a twist in 2006 when I became a full time commercial photographer, taking on new creative challenges. To this day, that is my main job. Being creative and making things look great for people. 

My making then became my hobby which in turn has also started to develop into a more serious activity as machines like CNC routers, 3D printer and laser engravers have all become a lot more accessible  to people  with smaller budgets and smaller sheds.

In 2020 my new shed was built. I soon realised, although it's plenty big enough for me, you can never have a shed that's too big. That was how #needabiggershed was born. 
If there's any shed sized creation you want made, something you've dreamed about having but not been able to make. Give me a shout. If I can't make it, I'll either learn how to or know someone who can.

Thanks for dropping into this shop and reading this page.

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