Frequently Asked Questions.

1.  What about those shipping costs?

Well, We can't offer 'free shipping' as we're just not big enough and simply hiding shipping costs in the price isn’t something we believe in. We'll regularly evaluate shipping options and as the shop grows we may be able to offer more shipping options

2. You're not offering next day delivery?

That's just not a viable option for us. We'll endeavour to get all orders out by the end of the working week.  Right now this shop is run outside the ours of our other jobs. Please check out shipping page for other answers.

3. The wooden products you make, you don’t hold much stock?

The wooden creations are usually batch produced in the shed. Batches of 10 or 20 pieces depending on demand. We also have a number of products that need final finishing before sale. Don’t let that put you off asking though, if you want a wooden product and it’s not in stock, just yell. We’ll it asap and give you a good idea of delivery date.

4. The 3D printing materials, what do you use?

Filament printing is done exclusively with PolyMaker filaments.
These have proven to be the very best for all the printing works I have done up until now, from full scale production prototypes to the smallest detailed parts.
Resin printing is typically with an ABS-like resin that when cured is very stable, has a good surface finish and can be finely post processed.

5. The L & L Models Europe, what’s that all about?

Thanks to the wonders of Brexit, shipping items from the UK to mainland Europe has become a bit of an issue, L & L Models UK approached us to handle the EU market. We’re just starting out in this venture so stock is limited right now. Rest assured, it will increase in diversity as time goes on and things progress.
If you are in the EU and there’s an RC body you really want from L & L, let us know, we’ll do our best to get it in stock ASAP.

6. The custom RC cars, how does that work?

Simply put, you want a specific RC model for yourself or for your company? We can build it. Typically we start with an existing chassis set and then either add the desired bodywork and details or even build a complete body from scratch.
Check out our custom RC projects page for some examples.


When you build a shed, it’s never quite big enough, is it? 


8. Any other questions? Preferably related to the site and what we do, not what the weather will be like tomorrow. Yell and we'll get back to you ASAP. :)