The iconic 959

The iconic 959

This was a daunting project but one I've wanted to build for a long time.
The Iconic Porsche 959 Paris Dakar in full Rothmans livery. 

Tamiya made a very similar car in 1986 which ran until 1992. This model is now very desirable to collectors and good original models are fetching a pretty sum.

For those without deep pockets and people who want to run their cars there is a good alternative solution to keeping the 959 dream alive. 

The L&L Models 959 shell is a 210mm wheelbase body so ideally suited to a Tamiya M chassis. The favoured chassis being the MF-01X as it is 4 wheel drive.
Choosing this chassis does throw up a slight hitch though, none of the MF-01X kits include the required short drive shaft for the 210mm wheelbase configuration.  Not a problem now though, I make them from a high quality alloy.

So, the build. 
The classic build process of the 959 is to lay down the blue (PS4) and the white (PS1) and the add external lining to create the eye-catching Red/white/gold lining.
I wanted to take on a challenge so I decided to mask and paint as much as possible. So that's what I did. 
Blue, then lining and then the white. Just the very fine line between the red and gold scared me, the risk of paint bleed was high so I chickened out and added that as vinyl pinstripe afterwards.

All in all, I was very happy with the paint, it all went down well, an absolute minimum of cleanup was needed a I've used white Tamiya lining tape for the fine edges and the yellow painting tape for the rest. 

It didn't end these, me being me, I wanted to add some details. I never liked the yellow Tamiya 959 wheels so I modelled and resin printed some wheels that are more true to the original car.
I also modelled a rear wing to replace the polycarbonate one and 2 roof lights, also printed in resin. 

I finished the car with the reproduction Tamiya 959 sponsors stickers from MCI Racing.

I'm very happy with the build, it's a full runner car and will get used.

Do you fancy building one yourself? 
Body Shell
Exclusive Alloy drive shaft for MF-01X

Should I also add the wheels, wing and roof lights to the shop? 
They'll all be made to order items.  Let me know.

Porsche 959 body unpainted

Porsche 959 printed wheel

Porsche 959 masked windows

Porsche 959 blue paint

Porsche 959 painting

Porsche 959 painted

Porsche 959 Rothmans RC car

Porsche 959 Rothmans RC car

Porsche 959 Rothmans RC car


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