How it all started - The CLASSIC911

How it all started - The CLASSIC911

The CLASSIC911 was the first series production collectible I made in the new shed.
These gorgeous collectibles were solid wood, cut on a scroll saw and hand finished. These were by no means mass produced, every one unique in its own small way.
I found some lovely gift boxes to present them in, prepared some vinyl stickers and showed them to friends on Facebook.
I have no idea of the reception they would receive but all 10 were sold in less than a day. 

I have been asked if I would make another batch. They would have to be slightly different as the First Edition was just that. 

Would you love a Classic911 for yourself or a loved one? 

Give me a shout, if there's demand there will be a new batch.

Wooden 911
wooden 911 collectiongift packing for wooden 911
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