Recent Wooden Commissions

I'll be posting new wooden projects as and when they happen.
Here are a couple to get the site info flowing :) 

Key boxes, customer incentives for a client. 

Not strictly wood here. This is a 'Trespa' (A phenolic resin sheet) house name engraved and cut on the CNC for a client on the Côte d'Azur.

engraved trespa house sign

Shed Commissions

Since building the shed I've had a regular list of requests from both established customers in my photography world and new customers. 
CNC Projects have included:
Trinket boxes.
Key boxes.
Cheese boards.
Unique wooden signs.
Fixture jigs for manufacturing
The CNC has opened up opportunities to make one-off pieces more efficiently and accurately as well as batch series projects.Do you need an amazing gift for friends, family or even business gifts or marketing products for your company. 
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