From the Shed.

From the Shed.

My shed was built in 2020. A crazy year.
It's a place where I can create, relax and enjoy making things. Some friends suggested I start selling the things I made, so now we are here. A shop and platform where my work can be shown and bought.

Since the shed has been built it's been equipped with a professional grade CNC router to perfectly machine sheet material. Affectionately nick-named Clive the CNC. This tool allows for absolute accuracy in making one-offs as well as batch productions.

Alongside Clive is Derek, the laser engraver. This engraving option has been used a lot for custom projects for adding a personal touch or detail to manufactured pieces. 

Of course, the full range of classic woodworking equipment is also at my disposal. 

Are you looking for something different? A gift for someone, a special thing to treat yourself?

Clive the CNC (image is link to YouTube)

Take, for example, the first project that came out of the shed. My CLASSIC911 model. A collectible wooden car in an iconic style. Something that can can be passed down generations. Kept safe, enjoyed. Rolled around the office desk.
From start to finish I thought about how to make it, how to present it and how to package it. 
I enjoyed making the series and I know the people who bought them enjoy owning them.

Not only do I sell what I build, I also take on commissions. The key box is a good example. 100 boxes with magnetic closure to old a key to a secret room in an Antwerp speak-easy.
Solid oak boxes, finished in natural oil. Cherished by the lucky people who now own them.
Oak key box made on CNC


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