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Lancia Stratos wheels - 42mm - 3D printed resin - Set of 4

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These 42mm wheels are a homage to the infamous Campagnolo 'Coffin-Spoke' Style wheel that enthusiasts automatically link the the Lancia Stratos HF.

These wheels, designed in-house for our 210mm Lancia body are sold as a set of 4, 2 fronts and 2 rears. Offset is critical on the Stratos, a good wide rear ended body that ends a heavy offset wheel. 

Standard Tamiya M tyre fitment so you can choose from many looks and tyres for you build. Not forgetting these wheels look good on many models, try on a 911, it might upset the purists but it's a unique look.

These wheels are resin printed, not injection moulded which can give concerns about durability. Yes, they are fabulous show wheels, they look great. Yes they can be used.  YES, they will break if you crash them into immovable objects ay high speeds, (Injection moulded wheels do too) So, don't be afraid to use them, just watch the kerbs :) 


How strong are these wheels?

From tests, they're pretty strong. They will shatter on impact with hard immovable object though. Tests have shown they do run well and are useable when driven carefully. If your model is to sit on a shelf, no issue at all of course. :) 

Surface finish?

Some very light surface sanding before painting is recommended. Typically a 800 - 1200 grit paper is good to clean up the surface. Resin can be sanded very easily.
Painting, classic automotive rattle-can primers and paints work well on resin, alternatively Tamiya TS paints have been tested with good results too.

Included in set:

4 x Resin printed wheels. Unpainted in presentation packaging. 
1 Pair Front
1 Pair Rear
To fit 12mm hex.

(Car and tyres not included. Images of completed car for reference only The body/chassis test photo are not included with this body, the body set is
  available via the link above. This test is on an M-06 chassis)


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